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Refund/Cancellation Policy


Standard billing cycle is one month and billing period is quarterly. Server & cloud operated on a prepaid bases. Invoices will be sent 15 days prior to the end of the billing cycle. Invoices have to be paid by the due date. Unpaid orders will be suspended once the account becomes 1 day overdue and 10 days overdue orders are permanently terminated.


Server & cloud does not provide refunds. All sales are final, we do not refund any part of our billing fees for any unused time

Termination Services

If you want to terminate our services. You must give “ 45 days of notice” in writing or electronically. The notice period is the same for all the clients. The bill may include a disconnect notice. The notice requirements are:

* Specific Reason For Left Service/If No Specific Conditions Have Been Agreed, A Notice Period Of 45 Days Shall Be Observed.

* Copy Of Last Payment Invoice/Date And Amount

* A Legal Mail/Hard Copy With Authorized Signatory

* If Customer Wants To Terminate The Services With Us Then He Has To Inform Us & Send Mail Before 45 Days For The Same. Client Will Receive * Confirmation Mail Within 10 Days After Receiving The Termination Mail.

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