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Fair Usage Policy

Btrack cloud services cannot allow the actions of users to negatively the system performance for the majority. some types of activities are obviously violations such as:

The customer shall not introduce viruses and other types of malicious programs in the cloud network or the general internet infrastructure.

The customer shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that unauthorized third parties cannot enter itssystem. >> Not using our services for file sharing and storing large amount of data. Customer may not use or encourage, promote, instruct for any illegal harmful offensive use, store, transmit content include- Illegal activities, Offensive content, unauthorized access, avoiding system restrictions, Use limit GB space, International Interference.

The Customer Shall Not Introduce Viruses And Other Types Of Malicious Programs In The Cloud Network Or The General Internet Infrastructure.

The Customer Shall Take All Reasonable Precautions To Ensure That Unauthorized Third Parties Cannot Enter Itssystem.

Not Using Our Services For File Sharing And Storing Large Amount Of Data..

Customer May Not Use Or Encourage, Promote, Instruct For Any Illegal Harmful Offensive Use, Store, Transmit Content Include- Illegal Activities, Offensive Content, Unauthorized Access, Avoiding System Restrictions, Use Limit GB Space, International Interference.

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