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Best Cloud Backup in Delhi

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Best Cloud Backup In Delhi

Boost Your Business with Best Cloud Backup In Delhi

With BTrack, the best Cloud Backup provider in Delhi, online computing, data storage, and other IT facilities have never been more comfortable. Every business requires a sound and full-proof backup solution to ensure their data and documents are safe and protected from any security breach. Also, stored in a place that will not get affected in case of any hardware failure.

As a provider of cloud backup solutions in Delhi, we understand that every IT, business and computing often faces quite a lot of challenges. Cloud backup warrants a reliable backup solution that is automated and ensures you never lose important data. At BTrack we have specialized cloud backup experts who will understand your business needs and help you with selecting the right solution to protect your files.

5 Features Offered By The Best Cloud Backup In Delhi

While we know you want to protect your data at any cost, we also know you do not want to spend an excessive amount of money on the solution you are not using. Hence we have come up with the right features for your business. 5 of them are as follows:

Storage Space and Scalability

As a business owner, you might want to go for shared storage space instead of buying a full one as it will be cost-effective. You can also have a single backup then multiply it with several other backups as you want to preserve it. Adding to this, you should also consider having a cloud backup that is easy to scale as the amount of data stored will vary and increase as your company grows.

High Availability

Providing 99.95% or higher availability is crucial for us. It will ensure that your data is always stored and backed up, so when there is a data loss, you can make immediate disaster recovery. We assure you we have our disaster recovery plan in place and multiple location backups with copies of your backups to warrant you never suffer from data loss.

Backup frequency

Irrespective of what business you have and how frequent you need to get your data backed up, we assure you like the best cloud backup in Delhi we provide you with constant backups. You also have the option of scheduling your own backup.

Backup security

Given the often cyberattacks that occur, it is vital to have a cloud backup solution that takes robust measures in keeping your data safe. As the cloud backup solution in Delhi, intrusion prevention is in place and a multilocation data storage system. Also, there is 24/7 x 365 days of technical support in case you are facing any difficulty.

Data compliance

Adhering to the Data Protection Act and the GDPR is mandatory. Keeping your cloud backup solution up to date to these guidelines is vital since you are responsible for maintaining your customers' data safe. Therefore as a provider, it is compulsory that with the cloud backup, you meet the industry standards and stay data compliant all the time.

You can avail all these benefits and key features of cloud backup solutions at an affordable cost from BTrack. Contact us now to scale your business better while keeping your data safe with our cloud-based backup solutions.