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We clearly understand what are the requirements of our clients and come up with the right solutions for them always.

Btrack India  work on Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, Rhel, GPU,  Windows VPS with cost effectiveness as vendors only have to pay what they want and reduce the burden which comes with maintaining hardware server. They are totally scalable and integrated.

We Offer dedicated server to a single customer for individual use, Client will have complete control access to their system CPU and RAM resources and security. 

Btrack dedicated servers are tuned for optimum performance to bring maximum power and new functionalities to your business. The resources will be allocated to you as our servers are created, assembled, and managed by our in-house teams.  

Also offering VPS which is a secure method without investing high cost and are easier to configure available with Linux or windows operating system can easily upload files and easy to use. 

VPS hosting will intend a user to share the server with other websites but are appointed dedicated resources. This will ensure that a user will not suffer server crashes.

With more businesses relying on graphics cards, GPU or Graphic Processing Unit servers are gaining much popularity. 

Dedicated GPUs are application-specific, and you will not get them on dedicated servers by default. It is a processor chip that is specifically designed for working on a graphics card. Usually, the clock speed of a GPU can be lower than a CPU, but there is a massive difference in the numbers of cores on each chip.  

The implementations of the GPU dedicated server bring many advantages to an organization.

In the supercomputers, GPUs are used for general-purpose mathematical processing where research is scientific in nature. Some common use cases for GPU servers are climate simulations, structural analysis, deep machine learning, plasma physics, and mining for crypto currencies.

We provide Cloud based Licensing where both vendor and end user mechanism from distributing and manage licenses. 

Using this modal, vendor can generate and install product licenses on a single license server machine with internal access

Pilling of all the products together as one unit is a big issue plus it requires extra time, cost and energy to cope up with that. now, not any more, with Btrack India  solve your current backup problem and recovery needs and also works on your "yet to come" recoveries. we deliver what you want.

OUR storage servers are capable to store data, which we already know is highly important to you and for us to keep it safe. Servers performs auto backup weekly or monthly.

Servers performs auto backup weekly or monthly. 

Screen Shot Monitoring to get the Real view of Employees Activity

  • Limited Access to Web Searching Sites
  • Control the Unknown executable application on end user machine

Why Choose Us

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting.



We make your system work splendidly even when faults occur and ready with a plan of action for accomplishment even when load increases.



Anywhere-Anytime, our team is up for 24/7 to secure your data and block any peripherals threat, provide you complete security and advance technologies.



We provide you fast, reliable and cost effective solutions. If these are your deciding factors then SSD servers are the best which we can offer you.



Btrack cloud platform works on high geared servers from latest generations which works on fast SSD storage which provide you gassed up performance with lucrative offers.

Worry Free Experience

Worry Free Experience

Btrack India provide you reliability, support, onboarding, software license, reliability to make sure that nothing can distract you from adding value to your business.

1 on 1 expert support

1 on 1 expert support

Our team is always here to support you 24/7 . 1-2-1 interaction and complete safe space will be shared.


What our clients are saying

Btrack India Gives you Ease & Flexibility to Control Your Server

  • Support and Frame Cloud GPU
  • Best Security Environment
  • Increase Business Opputunity
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